After Hours at Zicklin — Session III

Choose one word to describe the business person you think you are.  Integrity, Innovative, Communicative, Decisive, Creative, Collaborative et al attended the third session of  AHZ.    That was the just beginning.  You weren’t off the hook with just one word.  Back ups and explanations were required — a segue to that 30-second pitch.

With spring wafting up the avenue and into the wine bar Cavatappo, the session took a more interesting tone.  It happens sometimes for the better and sometimes not, but romance in the workplace happens.   AHZ peers who hailed from 4 continents shared their, ahem, anecdotes that happened to other people, of course.    The view from Mars and that from Venus do share some common ground.  Opinion number one: be careful.  Opinion number two:  it can be fun.

Enjoy your summer and stay tuned for sessions in the summer and autumn.


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