From the ashes . . .

The recent (and I might add historic) vote by Baruch Grad students to increase the supplemental fee (aka the party tax) by ten dollars has passed.  Congrats to Mosharaf Shamin, Andres Garcia and the GSA team on their hard work to make it happen.  The new tax, er, fee will go from $29 to $39.

While I did vote for the additional fee and I promoted it, the change does not make me entirely happy.  Within the change is a switch to move $2.50 earmarked for communication will go to$0 and funds from Student Clubs will go from $0 to $5.  In other words, more free beer and pizza. Oh yea and networking events too.

So why on earth would I be unhappy about more beer and pizza?  Once the money is allocated away from communcation (i.e. The comatose Graduate Voice), it will never go back.  True, there is unused budget from previous years that can be used for a while.  However, by removing any funding for a future communications budget, we’ve cut the life support off of the Graduate Voice.

So from the stone cold ashes of the Graduate Voice .  .  . just this lonely blog.


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