After Hours at Zicklin — Sesion IV

A small group gathered to enjoy a beautiful summer evening at Cavatappo.  The conversation drifted from power (what is it, who has it and how to cultivate it) to a subject defining many developed countries, especially China — small families.

The topic started from a recent spot on WNYC’s  Leonard Lopate Show called (L)Only Child. In short single children are not the stereotypical “little emperors” but rather well nurtured, accomplished individuals.  Two peers from China commented about their experiences as only children.  They certainly are accomplished people.  Interesting will be the demographic impacts on business.  How will services be marketed to a greying population?  Will China’s meteoric rise suddenly arc down as there are fewer workers to support their parents?  Two generations of a one-child policy will result in one child supporting 6 adults (two parents and 4 grandparents).  Moreover, will only children who are now educated, self-actualized and discerning consumers choose services for those in their dotage?

. . . to be continued.  See you at Session V — September 23rd.  Click here to sign up at EventBrite


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