Don’t Forget About those Great Events at CUNY!

So, this list isn’t original, and if you’re a Baruch student, you probably got this email already.  But if I know you like I know me, you probably ignored this one!  I think the event about urban renewal in Cold War New York looks great!  Check these things out people!


Katrina Five Years Later

September 27 I Queens College

“Reflections on the Water: Hurricane Katrina and the Gulf Coast, Five Years Later” will be presented by Joy Fuqua, Media Studies Department, and Dr. Nicole Cooley, English Department. This Presidential Roundtable will examine how these two events complicate our ways of understanding what it means for a disaster to end. more >


Enhance Your Financial Literacy

September 27 I College of Staten Island

Learn how to implement successful tax strategies for existing and emerging businesses. more >


Printmaking Exhibition

September 27 – November 7 I College of Staten Island

The exhibition includes a large variety of printmaking techniques, including woodcut, etching, soft-ground etching, aquatint, spit-bite, drypoint, lithography, photolithography, digital printing, letterpress, and chine colle, which are supplemented by hand-coloring, collage, staining and stitching to reinforce the presence of human touch. more >


‘Shaking Woman’ Novelist Speaks

September 28 I Graduate Center

Siri Hustvedt, best-selling novelist and author of the memoir The Shaking Woman or A History of My Nerves, will offer a reading as well as a discussion of neuroscience, psychoanalysis and the novel. more >


Small Donors, Big Democracy

September 28 I Baruch College

Join the School of Public Affairs, the Campaign Finance Institute and the NYU Brennan Center for Justice for a discussion on how new campaign finance laws have changed elections in New York City, as well as nationally. more >


The Rise and Fall of Urban Renewal In Cold War New York

September 28 I Graduate Center

A panel discussion about the ascent of postwar Manhattan to a modern world city and its decline into crisis. Urban renewal was at the heart of this cultural and physical transformation. more >


The Art, Craft of Biography

September 28 I Graduate Center

The Leon Levy Center for Biography presents biographer Ron Chernow, who will discuss the process of writing biographies. more >


Is It Science? Or Bunk?

September 29 I Lehman College

Massimo Pigliucci sets out to separate fact from fantasy in his book Nonsense On Stilts, How To Tell Science From Bunk. Pigliucci is the Chair of Philosophy at Lehman. more >


Muslim Identity and the Press

September 29 I Graduate Center

How do social movements reach the media? Chris Bail, a Harvard Ph.D. candidate, examines 1,108 press releases made by 108 social movements attempting to shape the collective identity of Muslims. more >


Poet Robert Hass

September 29 I Hunter College

Hass will read from his works. more >


Sound, Vision, War

September 29 I John Jay College of Criminal Justice

Pulitzer Prize-nominated photojournalist Chris Hondros and musical director Kenneth Hamrick of Fusion Bande collaborate to present a multimedia performance of celebrated wartime images from Afghanistan and Iraq, illuminated by the transcendent music of Johann Sebastian Bach. more >


The John Lindsay Years

September 29 – 30 I Baruch College

A two-day symposium exploring and assessing NYC Mayor John Lindsay’s initiatives in public management and their legacy for today. more >


Getting the Garden Ready for Winter

September 30 I LaGuardia Community College

Techniques covered include digging up and storing tender bulbs, potting up favorite herbs for winter flavoring, preparing the soil, winter mulching and more. more >


Black Male Initiative Conference

October 1 I LaGuardia Community College

“The Politics of Progress from Abolitionist Frederick Douglass to President Barack Obama,” will feature panel discussions about the ongoing struggle for equality, particularly advocacy in support of strategies that promote educational opportunity and access to higher education


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