What Really Happened At Baruch On Nov 21st, 2011

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. Images of the French Revolution and mob violence flashed across my mind last week as I stood in front of the clashing forces of NYPD/CUNY Safety personals and CUNY student protesters. By now you’ve undoubtedly heard about the protest and more, about how … Continue reading

The Culture Couture of Queer

There’s a huge mirror across the table in our 300-square-foot living room slash pattern-making studio.  It has a rotting deer head carcass nailed to the top of it that I sometimes hang things on to add a bit of color and life to the place.  Before I came along, Antony’s life was ascetic and planned.  … Continue reading

Bringing Sustainability to Liz Claiborne

By Helen Serebin  — MBA 2012 CEO Bill McComb – Bringing Sustainability to Liz Claiborne As all of us head (whatever our job function or role) into a world where we must view everything through the lens of sustainability, Bill McComb’s remarks on February 16, to a packed room of Zicklin graduate students, offered some … Continue reading

The Quality of Our Financial Markets

post in cooperation with Rashika Pandey, MBA Finance 2010. Baruch has done it again!  Prof. Robert Schwartz and his team put together another fantastic conference on our Financial Markets.  The 14th floor of the Newman Vertical Campus hosted players who are in it for the long run.  These were survivors and those who know (and … Continue reading

Real Estate Repositioning

The good news from his half-day conference on real estate was that repositioning of existing space is a typical first step in a recovering market. Tom Vechionne of Gensler  and others showed the audience where it’s taking place in NYC.   There were many such gems from three panels organized by the Newman Real Estate Institute … Continue reading

The Weekly Carl Aylman!

You get it in your inbox, here it is reprinted for you on the web: Baruch College Student Life Weekly Email—Oct. 14, 2010 In this issue. . . .    Academic Calendar Reminders. Celebrate Latino History Month at Baruch. LGBT Awareness Day—10/21. Election Day is Tues. Nov. 2.  Local elections for NYS positions are very … Continue reading

Don’t Forget About those Great Events at CUNY!

So, this list isn’t original, and if you’re a Baruch student, you probably got this email already.  But if I know you like I know me, you probably ignored this one!  I think the event about urban renewal in Cold War New York looks great!  Check these things out people! Spotlight Katrina Five Years Later … Continue reading