Networking at STIX

By Papa Baffour-Awuah and Peter Hlinka Last month the Association for International Business (AIB) hosted a Business Networking Cocktail for Baruch’s alumni and graduate communities at STIX Mediterranean Grill on 23rd street. The event began at 7:30pm and lasted until 10:30pm, and had well over 60 in attendance. Even with the uncooperative weather several alumni … Continue reading

Advice From an Alum

Ms Samantha Matin VP Samantha Matin (Sam) hails from the UK. She completed a Master of Science in Public Policy from the University of London and a Postgraduate Diploma in Health Management from the University of Birmingham. During her MBA at Baruch College, Ms. Matin had greatly contributed to the development of Zicklin Women in … Continue reading

Open Graduate Courses for Fall 2011

I know that you aren’t procrastinating, but rather optimizing the window to completing your fall schedule.  You may have seen an e-mail from Graduate Services in between visits to the beach and rooftop bar.  You will find in this post the classes that are open.   Be sure to comment on the classes you are taking.  … Continue reading

Time to start making plans for summer…2012

Finally, summer is in full swing. School is out (at least for those who opted out of summer session), the weather is hot, the water is cold, and the beach is calling your name. The only things you should be concerned with are the quality of your tan and the flavor of your ice cream. However, the … Continue reading

“Getting a Job: What HR Wants from You”

On Tuesday afternoon, eager undergraduate and graduate students gathered to get some very valuable information and insights from two experienced professionals in the field on how to nail those job interviews. The event was sponsored by Executives on Campus, Job$mart, and provided for some very practical and invaluable information that will not be found in … Continue reading

Super-charge Your Business Card

A recent post on the HBR blog, The Business Card Is Dead, Long Live the Business Card, got me to thinking. Too much thinking often leads one down paths better not taken. However, against my better judgement, I will share this particular dark and scary path.  Brace yourself. Double doogie drat is what I said … Continue reading



B.A.R.U.C.H. Beyond Any Repair, Uncommunicative and Considerably Hindering Yes, we all know it, we’ve all dealt with it—the horrific, absolutely atrocious administrative services available at yours truly, Baruch College. Baruch, you and I need to have a little chat. It’s time you step up your game.   Financial Aid & Bursar’s— D+                 Completely unwillingly, … Continue reading

Music is Sex for the Ears

My Top 11 Bands of 2011–in no particular order This is always a difficult question to answer: “What’s your favorite band?” JUST ONE?! Impossible. I toiled and toiled over this list for a grueling 15 minutes or so and finally came up with this one. I’m pretty happy with it. Though I can most definitely … Continue reading

Is the World Gray?

  Do we live in a world of duality? Is our world gray, or black and white? After a well lubricated evening last week and having guests at our new apartment, my cousin and I got into a semi-heated discussion at 4am on life and how the world works. About 40 minutes into our debate, … Continue reading