A Class to Learn How to Maximize Outcomes of Daily Professional Interactions: Negotiation MGMT 9660

Written By: Danielle V Hemsley MS Statistics Candidate Do you want your next business meeting to be more successful?  Looking for a better deal on a used car purchase? Wondering how to deal with that obnoxious co-worker? Still looking for a business elective to take next semester? Lucky for you, the Negotiation, MGMT 9660 class … Continue reading

The Future is Now for Sustainable Business at Baruch!

By Emily Rotella The Zicklin School of Business Management Department has decided to ride the wave of the future and has developed a Sustainable Business major. As far as I understand it, this is being pitched as a second major for “students who wish to add a sustainability skill set to their traditional discipline (accounting, … Continue reading

Students With Power

By Emily Rotella Baruch College governance, decision-making, and action are often caught in a tangled mess of red tape and bureaucracy. The steps necessary to actually get changes made, especially in terms of curriculum and academics, are many: approvals are needed at the Zicklin level, the Baruch level, the CUNY level, and the state-legislature level … Continue reading

Your School, Your Education

Your School, Your Education: Get Involved in Shaping Academics at Baruch

The rad scientist

The April 25th issue of Crains NY featured an article “The Rad Scientist” about the Matthew Goldstein, the head honcho of the CUNY system if you didn’t know.  Recent times have seen him push to elevate the profile of the CUNY system.  Namely to pursue cutting edge research.   More research is great, but I see Baruch … Continue reading