Baruch in the News

What a pleasure it was to see our ucla (university at the corner of Lexington Avenue) in the news this morning.  Wouldn’t you know that your institution team with Babson College to produce a report on US and global entreprenuership.

What interested this author was the changing nature of the entreprenuer — more women and they launch with much less funding.

Go to the GEM Consortium web site to learn more.   Meanwhile the Graduate Baruchian will check in with Professor Rogoff for his insight.  Stay tuned.

One Response to “Baruch in the News”
  1. Edward Rogoff says:

    Nice to see that this got picked up on the blog. This report is part of a major research program we run with Babson College in which we study entrepreneurship worldwide. The study is Global Entrepreneurship Monitor and it collects information about entrepreneurship in 62 countries. This year, in addition to the U.S. report, we received funding from Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney to do a special study of the state of entrepreneurship in New York. Unfortunately, the news on that front wasn’t very good. But the report did point to ways it can be improved.

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