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Baruch College Student Life Weekly Email—Oct. 14, 2010

In this issue. . . . 


  1. Academic Calendar Reminders.
  2. Celebrate Latino History Month at Baruch.
  3. LGBT Awareness Day—10/21.
  4. Election Day is Tues. Nov. 2.  Local elections for NYS positions are very important for CUNY.
  5. NYC Board of Elections Needs Poll Workers for Nov. 2 Election–Last Chance.
  6. Graduating in Jan., Jun., or Aug. 2011—Now is the time for Yearbook Photos.
  7. Nominations Sought for Presidential Excellence Awards for Teaching and Faculty Service.
  8. Nominations Sought for Commencement Honorary Degrees and Keynote Speaker.
  9. Volunteer Opportunity to Read to NYC Elementary School Students in “Power Lunch” Program.
  10. Graduate Student Assembly has two vacancies.
  11. Sustainable Business Club presents “Bottom Line: Crossover between Corp and Social Ventures—10/19.
  12. Max Berger Pre-Law Program presents Alum Sydney Traum,  BBA, JD, CPA—10/19.
  13. Sidney Harman Writer-In-Residence Program presents Author Richard Price—10/19.
  14. MPA Roundtable: Calling All Future Nonprofit Leaders—10/19.
  15. Russell Banks CEO Leadership Lecture presents Kenneth Langone, cofounder of Home Depot—10/21.
  16. GSA Hosting 2nd Grad Social — 10/28.
  17. Zicklin Grad Finance & Investment Club presents Pat Lomelo of JP Morgan—10/27.
  18. CUNY Graduate School Fair.  Pre-register for chance to win Ipad—11/4.
  19. Baruch Fund Trustee & Author Arthur Ainsberg Speaks about his book on the Discovery of Insulin—11/8.
  20. Pizza with Pres. Mitchel Wallerstein—12/9.
  21. Baruch College Writing Center is Open & Ready to Help You.
  22. Modell’s Sporting Goods Offering CUNY Community 10% Discount.
  23. Young Latinas Leadership Institute Scholarship.  $1,000 for 4 Years.  Deadline: 12/10.
  24. At the Baruch Performing Arts Center. . .
  25. At the Sidney Mishkin Gallery at Baruch. . .
  26. Upcoming Baruch Conferences. . .
  27. Discounts Tickets to Broadway and Off-Broadway Shows.
  28. Donate Your Used Cell Phones & Help Stop Domestic Violence.

    1.      ACADEMIC CALENDAR REMINDERS.                                                                   
    • Wed., Nov. 3—NO CLASSES SCHEDULED for Classes that END AT or BEFORE 4 PM. (This makes up for Wed., Sept. 8 which was the opposite.)
    • Wed., Nov. 17—Last Day to withdraw from class with a “W” grade.
    • Thurs., Nov. 25—Sun., Nov. 28—COLLEGE CLOSED.
    (“No Classes Scheduled” means offices, library and the computer center are open, although hours may be reduced.  
    “College Closed” means exactly that, we are closed and there are no classes, offices or services available on campus.)

    2.     Celebrate LATINO HERITAGE MONTH at Baruch College.  Immigration Nation: La Razon…This year’s Latino Heritage Month takes look at how immigration has made the United States one of the world’s most ethnically diverse and multicultural nations.  Celebrate with us as we commemorate those Latinos who have made significant accomplishments and are making a difference in our world!   Cause & Effect:  Immigrants & the U.S. Economy.  Tues., Oct. 19; 6—9 PM; NVC 2-125.  Salsa Dance Lesson.  Wed., Oct. 30; 5:30—6:30 PM;  NVC 2nd Fl. Atrium.  Bailamos!  Thurs., Oct. 21; 6—9 PM; NVC 1-107.  For a complete listing of upcoming events this month click on

    3.      LGBT AWARENESS DAY.  Thurs.,  Oct. 21.  Watch for more details next week. 

    4.      ELECTION DAY.  NOV. 2.  New York City voters will be casting ballots for Governor, Attorney General, two United States Senators, all Congressional Representatives, and for members of the New York State Senate and Assembly.  This is a very important local election that CUNY must make it’s voice heard. To learn about the new voting system that is now in use in NYC logon to:

    5.      UPDATE:  NYC BOARD OF ELECTIONS NEEDS ADDITIONAL POLL WORKERS FOR THE NOV. 2 ELECTION.  You can be a part of the electoral process while earning some extra income.  The CUNY poll worker initiative recruits students to serve as poll workers to help address shortages for the city-wide general elections.  This election year, the New York City Board of Elections (BoE) has implemented new electronic voting machines and paper ballots.  This change has necessitated the need for additional poll workers to assist voters who will be using these machines for the first time.  By applying for a poll worker position you will be doing your part as a CUNY Citizen by serving as a bridge between the Board of Elections and the voting public while learning about the voting process and election day operations.  If you are interested in such a paid opportunity with the Board of Elections, please sign up to become a poll worker immediately for the chance to work during the General Election on Nov. 2. You can download a PDF application online at Once you complete the application, fax it to the address at the bottom of the form.  Salary is $200 for election day and $100 for attending the class and passing the exam. If you do not work election day, you will not receive the $100 for attending the class.  At this time, the BoE is looking for students who are able to work the entire day on Nov. 2 from 5:30 AM—9:30 PM.  Training sessions start in one week at locations in all boroughs.

    6.      GRADUATING IN JAN., JUN, OR AUG. 2011?
     NOW is your ONLY OPPORTUNITY to be photographed and included in the 2011 Lexicon Yearbook.  Make your appointment online today! Log on to: and enter school code # 87182.  Photo appointments have begun.  There is no fee and no obligation to purchase a photo portrait. . . .You can pre-order the 2011 Lexicon Yearbook via credit card online at  $50 per copy.

    .  The Distinguished Teaching Award recognizes full-time and adjunct faculty whose outstanding commitment to teaching, and achievements in teaching are making a positive impact on the quality of instruction and student life at the College. Eligibility:  All full-time faculty members, with the exception of Distinguished Professors, are eligible for these awards. (Adjunct members of the faculty are eligible for the Distinguished Teaching Award [Adjunct Faculty].) The Distinguished Service Award recognizes full-time faculty whose service distinct from teaching and scholarship is improving the quality of the Baruch community through leadership in developing new directions for College activity, in developing resources for the College, and/or in connecting the College to relevant external communities. Faculty who have received Presidential Awards become eligible for another award in the same category after seven years.  Letters of nomination are welcome from any source within the Baruch Community, including students. The deadline for nominations is Thurs., Feb. 24, 2011.  The Awards are made by the President, acting on the recommendation of the Awards Committee. The recipient receives an honorarium and a certificate, and the names of all recipients are inscribed on a plaque, which is prominently displayed.   To make a nomination please click on: and submit the nomination form, email the, subject “PRESIDENTIAL EXCELLENCE AWARDS.” or you may mail your nominations to the Provost’s Office: Attn: Presidential Excellence Awards Committee , Baruch College, One Bernard Baruch Way, Box D-701, New York, NY 10010.

    8.      NOMINATIONS SOUGHT FOR HONORARY DEGREES AND KEYNOTE SPEAKER FOR COMMENCEMENT 2011.  Each year, during our commencement ceremony, the College grants honorary degrees to one or more individuals.  We are in the process of identifying candidates for honorary degrees to be given at Baruch´s June 2011 and 2012 commencement ceremonies. I write to ask for your suggestions in identifying recipients.  The qualifications for honorary degree recipients are described below. All persons suggested will be presented for consideration to the College’s Committee on Honorary Degrees. We are also asking for suggestions of persons to deliver the Commencement Address.  The person need not be eligible for an honorary degree.  Send your recommendations for honorary degree recipients and/or commencement speakers, along with a short biographical sketch of each person, to the Honorary Degree Committee. E-mail recommendations by Oct. 22, 2010 to, Subject: Honorary Degree Recommendations.  In general, candidates for honorary degrees should fall in one or more of the following categories: (1) Persons of national or international reputation in an academic disciple that holds a significant place in the curriculum of the awarding college; (2) Persons who have made significant contributions in either thought or action to American higher education or in a professional field closely related to an academic interest of the University or the awarding college; (3) Persons who have made significant contributions over a sustained period of time to the development of major programs at the University or at one of its colleges; (4) Persons who have given long and distinguished service to the University or one of its colleges but who were not in its employ; (5) Persons who have made major contributions to furthering principles that are at the center of the University’s purpose and mission. (For purposes of considering candidates for honorary degrees, elected officials representing the State or City of New York shall not be eligible for consideration during their terms of office.)

      VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITY TO READ WITH A NYC ELEMENTARY SCHOOL STUDENT.  This is a special opportunity to help out in the community and to add an impressive activity to your resume. Orientations for interested students will be held on Fri., Oct. 15th, NVC 3-215. There will be two sessions on each day, one starting at 12:15pm and the second at 1:30pm – attendance is only necessary at one session. The Everybody Wins! Foundation has been a leading nonprofit literacy and mentoring organization, pairing adult volunteers with children in elementary schools for weekly reading aloud and conversation. Baruch College is entering its second year working with Everybody Wins! to recruit undergraduate and graduate volunteers for their Power Lunch program, matching volunteers with elementary students for weekly readings during the school year. Readings take place mid-day during the week, during the students’ lunch period. With over 15 Power Lunch locations in Manhattan, as well as locations in Brooklyn and Queens, Baruch students will be able to choose a school convenient for them. If you have questions or are interested in volunteering, please contact Emily Rotella at or go to and click on “Power Lunch.”  Emily is a graduate student at Baruch and has been a volunteer at PS 111 in Hell’s Kitchen for four years.

    10.      ATTENTION GRAD STUDENTS:  The GRADUATE STUDENT ASSEMBLY, the graduate student government at Baruch has an immediate vacancy for a new member of the Board and will have a second vacancy for a board seat at the end of the fall semester.  If you are interested in becoming a member of the Graduate Student Assembly please contact VP Andres Garcia at

    11.    SUSTAINABLE BUSINESS CLUB presents “The Bottom Line: The Crossover Between Corporate and Social Ventures.”  Tues., Oct. 19; 12:30 – 2:00 PM; NVC 1-107. Hear a panel of distinguished speakers with experience in both the for-profit and non-profit sectors. The conversation will explore the overlap between these two worlds, discovering the ways in which corporations and social ventures can learn from each other’s strategies.  Whatever the bottom line, the same rules of supply and demand, risk and reward always apply.  We will discuss how an MBA’s knowledge of strategy, management, finance, marketing, and accounting are valuable to both corporate and social ventures.  Lunch will be served.  Click here to RSVP:>  

    12.     The MAX BERGER PRE-LAW PROGRAM of the STARR CAREER DEVELOPMENT CENTER and the OFFICE OF COLLEGE ADVANCEMENT present Baruch Alum SYDNEY TRAUM, BBA, JD, LLM, CPA. Tues., Oct. 19;  1—2 PM;  NVC 14-220.  Refreshments will be served. A licensed CPA and attorney in both New York and Florida, Mr. Traum is “Of Counsel” to the law firm of Levey, Filler, Rodriguez, Kelso & De Bianchi, LLP.  He received his BBA from Baruch College (’58), JD from Harvard Law School (’61), and LLM (Taxation) from New York University Law School (’65) and specializes in the practice of taxation, wills, trusts and estates law.  Mr. Traum has also established the Morris and Ida K. Traum Scholarship Fund of the Attorney-CPA Foundation for Baruch students committed to pursuing their law degree and CPA license.

    13.    The SIDNEY HARMAN WRITER-IN-RESIDENCE PROGRAM & POETS & WRITERS present a Reading and Conversation with author RICHARD PRICE.  Tues., Oct. 19; 5:45 PM; 750, 151 E. 25th St. Mr. Price is the author of 8 novels as well as short fiction, articles and essays that have appeared in many publications.  He has written 10 screenplays including one which received an Academy Award nomination.  For more info:

    14.     MPA CLUB ROUNDTABLE SERIES: Calling All Future Nonprofit Leaders!
    Tues., Oct. 19;  7–9 PM; 301–135 E. 22nd St.  Join executive directors to discuss what future leaders of nonprofit organizations need to know to land their dream job, and how to succeed in this challenging field.  Special guests include Gary Bagley, CEO of New York Cares; Katie Goodspeed, Executive Director of Variety the Children’s Charity of New York; and Jack Krauskopf, Director of the Center for Nonprofit Strategy and Management at Baruch. Q&A and discussion, with refreshments served. RSVP:

    15.    The RUSSELL BANKS CEO LEADERSHIP LECTURE SERIES presents KENNETH LANGONE, Co-Founder, The Home Depot; Founder & CEO of Invemed Assoc., LLC.  Thurs., Oct. 21; 9:30—10:30 AM; 750, 151 E. 25th St.

    16.     ATTENTION GRAD STUDENTS:  The Graduate Student Assembly will host the second Grad Social on Thurs., Oct. 28; 7—10 PM; NVC 14-220.  Join your fellow grad students for socializing and refreshments.

    presents Pat Lomelo, Managing Director WSS Client Services Executive/Americas of J.P. Morgan. Pat has over 15 years of Investment Management experience.  Wed., Oct. 27;  1—2:30 PM; Subotnick Seminar Room, 151 E. 25th St. Business attire required.  Refreshments.  RSVP at . . . The Northwestern Mutual Financial Network is currently hiring both full-time and Fall internships positions.  We are glad to be part of their recruiting effort.  Three guests are representing the company:  Rachel Doherty,  Director of Selection; Ben Deng, Field Director; and Jackie Dejohn, Director of Internship Recruitment.  Fri., Oct. 29; 12:30—1:30 PM;  TBA.  Business attire required.  Resumes accepted. RSVP at

    18.     CUNY GRADUATE SCHOOL FAIR.  Thurs., Nov. 4;  3:00—7:00 PM;  John Jay College, 899 Tenth Ave., 4th Floor.  Pre-register and enter to win a free iPad at  Learn about the CUNY’s 800+ Masters and Doctoral programs.  200 Grad Certificate Programs in over 150 fields.  Speak with Grad Admissions officers from all CUNY’s grad schools.

    19.     Author ARTHUR AINSBERG, (Baruch College, BBA (Accounting) & MBA (Finance), and member of the Board of Trustees of the Baruch College Fund since 1995, and a 30 year veteran of the financial industry, will be speaking about his new book, BREAKTHROUGH:  ELIZABETH HUGHES, THE DISCOVERY OF INSULIN, AND THE MAKING OF A MEDICAL MIRACLE. Mon., Nov. 8; 9 AM; NVC 8-150.  His book offers a vivid portrayal of the complex characters of the story of the discovery of insulin told with the suspense and the drama of a thriller.

    20.     PIZZA WITH THE PRESIDENT.  Come meet Baruch Pres. Mitchel Wallerstein for casual conversation & lunch.  Lunch will be provided and this event is open to all matriculated students, but space is limited!  Thurs., Oct. 21  FILLED; and Thurs. Dec. 9; 12:35—2:00 PM; NVC Cafeteria.  RSVP online at

    21.      BARUCH COLLEGE WRITING CENTER.  The Baruch Writing Center is open!  The Writing Center’s goal is to help all students become stronger, more confident writers, readers, and speakers. Stop by the Writing Center or visit our website to learn how to schedule an appointment, to find out about our upcoming workshop offerings, and to learn about our publication of outstanding student writing, i Magazine.

    22.     The MODELL’s SPORTS STORES, in partnership with the CUNY ATHLETIC CONFERENCE, are offering great discounts on merchandise for the entire CUNY community.   Save 10% on all regular and sale merchandise effective immediately through September 31, 2011.  Certain restrictions apply.  To download your discount coupon go to:

    23.     YOUNG LATINAS LEADERSHIP INSTITUTE.  Offers a 4 year, $1,000 per year scholarship.  Eligibility open to Latinas in CUNY Senior Colleges who are freshmen or lower sophomores.  U.S. Citizens or Permanent Residents.  GPA 3.0 or higher.  Deadline is Dec. 10.  For more info, go to

    24.     AT THE BARUCH PERFORMING ARTS CENTER (55 LEXINGTON AVE.). . . . Beauty Beyond Borders: A Tribute to the Women of World Music.  Sun., Oct. 24; 1 PM.

    25.     AT THE SIDNEY MISHKIN ART GALLERY (135 E. 22nd St.). . . .“A Social Context: Group Photography & Identity.”  Sept. 24—Oct. 22; Tues—Fri, Noon — 5 PM; Thurs, Noon—7 PM.

    26.         BARUCH CONFERENCES.   Additional info and registration details are available for all Baruch Conferences listed below at: . . .The Quality of Our Financial Markets: Taking Stock of Where We Stand.  Tues., Oct. 19; 8 AM—5 PM; NVC 14-220.  By many measures, commissions, spreads and market impact costs have been reduced in equity markets in recent years, but does this mean that market quality has in fact improved? This key question will be addressed from the differing perspectives of buyside and sellside participants and regulators. . . . Consumer Insight through Ethnographic Research. Tues., Oct. 19: 6:00 – 8:00 PM; NVC 2-140.  This seminar will cover cutting edge ethnographic research techniques that will enable you to develop consumer insights and gain a competitive advantage. . . .Government’s Role in Building Private Enterprise: A Conversation with the New York City Economic Development Corporation’s Seth Pinksy.  Thurs., Oct. 21;  6:00—7:00 PM; 750, 151 E. 25th St.  The School of Public Affairs invites you to a one-on-one interview with Dean David S. Birdsell, Dean of the School of Public Affairs, and Seth Pinksy, the President of the New York City Economic Development Corporation, where they will discuss the government’s role in fostering private economic development throughout the five boroughs. . . .The Role of Accounting in the Financial Crisis: Lessons for the Future.  Mon., Oct. 25; 5:30—7:30 PM;  750, 151 E. 25th St.  The Emanuel Saxe Distinguished Lecture in Accounting will be presented by S. P. Kothari, Gordon Y. Billard Professor of Management, Sloan School of Management, Massachusetts Institute of Technology. . . . Identifying Consumer Needs: Qualitative Research Techniques.  Tues., Oct. 26;  6:00—8:00 PM; NVC 2-140.  This seminar will review conventional and unconventional qualitative research techniques that will help you identify consumer needs.  . . .Starting and Running Your LLC: Legal & Tax Considerations.  Wed., Oct. 27;  6:00—8:00 PM;  NVC 2-140.  This workshop will explain to entrepreneurs how to start and run an LLC, including how to file and organize the initial paperwork; and how to handle day-to day legal formalities such as meetings, minutes, consents; and resolutions. . . .Boardroom Secrets: Corporate Governance for Quality of Life.  Thurs., Oct. 28;  12:30—2:30 PM;  750, 151 E. 25th St.  Join the Robert Zicklin Center for Corporate Integrity as they host Dr. Ylmaz Argüden, author of Boardroom Secrets: Corporate Governance for Quality of Life. a Q&A session, and light lunch. . . . Additional info and registration for all of the above is available for all Baruch Conferences at:

    27.     TICKETS TO BROADWAY & OFF-BROADWAY SHOWS AT REDUCED PRICES.  CollegeTix at gives Baruch students exclusive access to specially priced shows.  Over 1,100 Baruch students have used this service over the past year.  These student tickets are available online for prices of $25 to $35 per ticket and can be ordered in advance of the performance.  Go to Blackboard 8.0 homepage, Click on the “Baruch” tab, and look for the special box labeled “Student Ticket Offers to Broadway Shows,” or log onto: to see the shows that are available with the Baruch College Student discount and order online.  You must present one valid Baruch student ID Card per ticket at the box office, 1/2 hour prior to show time to pick up your tickets.  Check back each week because the list of shows is constantly changing.  Currently available on Broadway:   Colin Quinn: Long Story Short; Fela! The Musical; La Bete; A Life In The Theatre; Next to Normal; The Pitmen Painters and Promises, Promises..  Off-Broadway: My Gay Italian Wedding; Naked Boys Singing.   

    28.    DONATE YOUR USED CELL PHONES & HELP STOP DOMESTIC VIOLENCE. Baruch College has partnered with Verizon Wireless’ UHopeline Program to recycle used cell phones, batteries and accessories, any brand, any model, functioning and non-functioning, from any wireless carrier to aid victims of domestic violence and dating violence.  Your used cell phone will be scrubbed of your personal info and refurbished.  Proceeds are used to provide wireless phones and cash grants to local shelters and non-profit organizations that focus on domestic violence prevention and awareness.  Drop your used cell phone equipment in the UHopeline Recycling Bin outside the Student Life Office (NVC 2-210).  More info:

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