How to Survive Registration

post by Sunpyo Hong

Click, click, submit…. Error on page? Prerequisites not met? A ‘Hold’ on your account?

Will I ever be able to register?

I love the feeling of submitting my classes for the new semester. Excitement for what’s to come as well as a blank slate. But usually those feelings are overwhelmed by the anticipated failure of eSims for class registration. Baruch might be known for their great classes and strong alumni, but like any big school administration here is something to be desired. So here are some tips to get through this rough season:

1. Don’t panic

This is the unmistakable reaction we feel when seeing those scarlet letters on the eSims registration site. Usually followed by questions such as:

-Who do I call?

-Are my classes going to be available?

-Will I ever graduate on time?

Take a deep breath and calm down. Feeling panicked will only make this more stressful than it already is. Rather, try and figure out your next course of action. Take steps to ensure securing your much needed classes rather than blaming the system and stressing out. You’re a graduate student, you’ve got enough to stress about.

2. Contact your advisor

No one knows you better than those hired to help your career at Baruch. Call up the Graduate Academic Services at 646-312-3140. The hours are limited, but they will be able to help you through most obstacles  with class registration.

I’ve also found it beneficial to email  She’s one of the many gems here at Baruch. She’s usually the one that handles class registration for MBA/MS students at Baruch.

3. Can’t get into a class? Email the professor/department

If you’re having issues trying to get into a specific class, email the department or class professor.  Most instructors are consistent at checking their emails, you should be able to get a reply within a couple of days.

If that doesn’t work, check eSims to find where that teacher is currently teaching this semester. Find him after class and have a chat. This worked for me on several occasions.

4. When all else fails… wait

Sometimes these issues just need to be handled by the appropriate advisor. At the beginning of registration, there will be many students going through the same issues as you are. Advisors are usually going to be backed up with other students, so just let time take its course.

What I’ve also found helpful is that after the first couple days of class, many students will either drop or transfer out of the class. This is usually the best time to approach the professor teaching the class and asking to opt into the class.

Hopefully this has been information and will help graduate students plan for the upcoming semester. The steps to seizing the world will come, but until then eSims is all you got.


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