What Will Your Valentine’s Gift Do For You?

Ahhh, Amor! That day of the year is approaching where girls hope and pray that their significant (or not so significant) other remembers to sweep them off their feet. It is also the day that guys either 1. forget or 2. stress over figuring out the perfect date and gift…but mostly they just forget and then stress at the last minute. So here is the official warning boys, because that day is just around the corner.

So you have figured out the general logistics of the date, but what are you going to get her? This is a true test of how well you know her. It sets the tone for the rest of your night. Will you be creative or cliche? Well here are some suggestions:

1. Roses – The trademark of the unoriginal. This particular item, although sweet and nice, gives off the impression that you have NO idea what she likes. The only way that you can get away with something so ordinary is to plan a kick-ass date. So I hope you have figured out something other than just dinner and a movie. If you want her to break out the good lingerie then you need to work some magic.

2. Chocolate – Yet another cliche, but at least this one is edible (granted she’s not lactose intolerant, and actually likes chocolate). I’d say this is a small step up from flowers. If all goes well you could be sharing this sinfully delicious treat together. However, like roses, the rest of the date is what’s going to get you to what may or may not be the end of your night.

Pre-Approved Option: L.A. Burdick Handmade Chocolates. These gourmet chocolates are made from the best ingredients. They don’t use extracts, concentrates or flavorings so the delicious taste of their treats come directly from the source.

3. Jewelry – This is a tricky one. It is also contingent on a number of factors. I believe personally that you should be at a certain stage of your relationship before breaking out the big guns, but some girls like the bling fast and early. If you’re going to go for the gold (or silver) then I suggest enlisting some help. Not only would getting the help of one of her best girlfriends help you find something that she would actually like, but  it will also help your case. If her friends like you, she’ll like you more. Who knows, if her friend lets slip that you got her something then she may plan a little surprise of her own.

Pre-Approved Option: Tiffany Keys Collection. You can find equally beautiful and less expensive options at Macy’s and other retailers.

4. Candy Hearts – Although this particular gift is one of my favorites, I wouldn’t take my word for it for your date. This 99 cent treat found at any chain drug store squiggled with some cute line you wrote on the box says “I forgot and was too cheap to get the crappy Russell Stovers chocolate instead”. If you’re looking to get into her pants after that flop I would rethink that my friend.

5. Stuffed Animal – This is another cute idea that has the chance to be more creative. This gives you the opportunity to break out of the usual teddy bear and go for her favorite animal. I would start asking her now for sufficient time to find her new friend. Not only did you learn something about her, you remembered it, and are presenting her with the evidence that you remembered it in a huggable package. She can place this item on her dresser and be reminded of how sweet it was you remembered that she loved penguins, or porcupines, or whatever.

Pre-Approved Option: Build A Bear Workshop. Here you can personalize your stuffed animal with accessories and voice recordings saying how totally cool and awesome your date is. Be wary of your message choice, a bear saying “can I dip into your honey pot” may not work in your favor.

6. Lingerie – Is this gift for her or for you? If the two of you are on the same page (and I urge you to confirm that you’re on the same page) this could be a fun little gift. Girls love pretty lacy things and she’ll love trying it on for you if that’s where you are in the relationship. This option is not an invitation to start raiding her panty drawer to find her size. If you don’t know it, don’t get it. If things are still new, I would go for gifts 1-5, because it probably won’t go over well.

As you go forth and figure out what to get your girl, remember that these are only a few ideas. There are a plethora of options out there. Take note of what she likes, ask questions, get help from friends, be thoughtful. With these words of wisdom you will surely wake up the next morning a winner. If not, maybe have a back up box of candy for the lonely ride home. Good luck buddy, hope your night has a happy ending.


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