Study Buddy…with Benefits

Hello friends. After the article Graduate Insanity by Emily McMillen, I figured I would hash out a topic that is very near and dear to my “heart”. As we approach this time that most people refer to as “spring fever” and midterms,  I figure it is as good a time as any. So, what is the value … Continue reading

What Will Your Valentine’s Gift Do For You?

Ahhh, Amor! That day of the year is approaching where girls hope and pray that their significant (or not so significant) other remembers to sweep them off their feet. It is also the day that guys either 1. forget or 2. stress over figuring out the perfect date and gift…but mostly they just forget and … Continue reading

Introducing Tante Clare Boothe

Baby, it’s cold outside.  Are your thoughts turning inward for warmth and meaning?  Are you confused by the modern dating scene?  Is your complicated grad-school life a mess? Help is here. In response to requests, The Graduate Baruchian invited the inimitable Ms. Clare Boothe and her coterie of friends to help graduate students optimize their … Continue reading