EOC: Brand Yourself

Diane Baranello, from Coaching for Distinction, graciously spoke to Zicklin students on a April 5th.  The Executives on Campus (EOC) program hosted the event for grads and undergrads.

Ms. Baranello started with a simple question: Who has a brand? . . .  It’s a trick question.   Every single one of us has a brand, and you may not even know it.

Consistency of the brand and what makes you think when you see it is key. Just like Target’s brand, or Starbucks’, or Apple’s or Tiffany’s, we have our own brand to develop and polish.

A brand is built upon three things:

  • Distinction — what separates you from everyone else?
  • Reputation — built day by day, by what you do, and most importantly what you don’t do.
  • Perception — sometimes the only way to find out is to ask. What will people say about  you when you leave the room?  What do you want them to say about you? Ask them!

How you dress–set a style and make it yours. For example, Steve Jobs is well known for his jeans and turtle necks. Not that any of us should follow in his fashionista footsteps and not that any of us can pull it off, but just an example.

How you speak–the speed, the pitch/tone, eye contact, and time. What you do defines you, including your values, skills, and strengths.

How you enter a room or a new scene–not only how you enter the room, but how you react when other professionals enter the room. It is very respectful and professional to stand up when a person in a higher position enters the room. For example, when you are waiting in the office for your 9am interview, you should stand up when the HR Coordinator comes in to greet you and start the interview. Then proceed to greet them with a confident, smile and a firm, solid handshake.

You need a strong, personal pitch–what you value and what are your core strengths and skills.

Be an individual. Also, be authentic and consistent. Add a dash of attitude, and a whole lot of confidence!

Bring your energy to a pitch so that it’s memorable.

A personal pitch includes:

  • Who you are–say your name clearly and let it hang out there. Don’t rush into it. You want people to remember your name.
  • What you do–explain this a bit
  • Why you are the best at what you do–What makes you different? What do you offer to the company?
  • Call to action –> what do you want the person to do?

Many thanks to Ms. Baranello for taking the time and engaging the audience. Well done. And thank you to the J. McLoughlin and those at the EOC for creating another welcome and timely program.

by Marina Koletis & Lemuel Morrison

One Response to “EOC: Brand Yourself”
  1. Marina & Lem,

    It was my pleasure to speak at Baruch’s Job$mart Career Hour on Branding Yourself for Success.. As we discussed at the event, a memorable personal brand is built on distinction, reputation and perception … and each one of us has a personal brand that’s as unique as our fingerprint. That’s a good place to begin the process.

    I’m looking forward to speaking on Branding Yourself for Success Part II on Oct. 4 at Baruch’s Career Hour in the Fall. Hope to see you there! Diane

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