International Women’s Day 2013

By  Alex Vilchynskaya To celebrate this year’s International Women’s Day graduate student club Zicklin Women in Business welcomed students and guests to its 4th Annual IWD Luncheon event at Baruch College. The topic of this year’s luncheon was “Pathways to success (through the glass ceiling?)”. As it already became a tradition, graduate students gathered at … Continue reading

So What’s the Deal?

Written By, Aliaksandra Vilchynskaya You frequently hear people talk about how hard it is to find a good job, how it is impossible to get hired, and how tough it is to get a promotion. So what is the big deal with hiring? Jannie Pilgrim, a Baruch alum, has answers for you. Throughout her career as … Continue reading

Guest Speakers: Philip Marra + Robert Fraher – KPMG

October 19th brought Philip Marra and Robert Fraher to the Oak Room in Newman Hall. Mr. Marra is the Partner in Charge of Northeast Real Estate Practice at KPMG and Mr. Fraher is a Partner, Finance Services, Real Estate. In short, their team at KPMG helps RE companies through their life cycle (e.g. acquisition / … Continue reading

Guest Speaker: Kenneth Bernstein

November 2nd brought Ken Bernstein, of Acadia Realty Trust, to the Oak Room of the Newman Building.  Mr. Bernstein started with a simple question. Where in Real Estate did members of the audience want to be?  Development, management, capital markets were some of the responses.  Mr. Bernstein offered to the audience an overlooked area — … Continue reading

ZGAS Presents: The Annual Mid-Size Accounting Panel

by Nicholas Maris, MBA, Accounting, 2013 and Emily McMillen, MBA, Accounting, 2012 Wednesday, October 5th, the Zicklin Graduate Accounting Society hosted their annual mid-size accounting panel. This event provides Zicklin students the opportunity to learn more about mid-size accounting firms and network with professionals in the indhey ustry. This year, the panel consisted of: Stephen Mazzotti … Continue reading

Philanthropy Summit at SPA

by Eleanor Whitney On Monday, May 9th Amy Hagedorn, of the Hagedorn Foundation, spoke in conversation with School of Public Affairs Dean David Birdsell to Baruch MPA students, faculty, graduates and guests. Invited as part of David Gallagher and Christopher Cloud’s “Workshop in Professional Fundraising Practice” class in the School of Public Affairs MPA Class, … Continue reading

EOC: Brand Yourself

Diane Baranello, from Coaching for Distinction, graciously spoke to Zicklin students on a April 5th.  The Executives on Campus (EOC) program hosted the event for grads and undergrads. Ms. Baranello started with a simple question: Who has a brand? . . .  It’s a trick question.   Every single one of us has a brand, and … Continue reading

BUS9770 Guest Speaker–Cary Krosinsky

by Helen Serebin Deep into Mr. Krosinsky’s PowerPoint presentation on March 21sts of Trucost, a company that calculates firms’ environmental impacts, he stopped at slide # 17 and said “This is the most important slide in this presentation.”   Here is this slide: Why is knowing that GHGs and water use make up 70 % of … Continue reading

RES9800 Guest Speaker — Harold Gee

Solid research and background is necessary for any decent submittal.  Stuck and confused? There is help.  Prof. Scribner’s RE Valuation & Market Analysis course ,RES9800, welcomed a guest speaker this past Tuesday to talk about research for real estate.  Mr. Harold Gee is the reference desk librarian specializing in Real Estate. Mr. Gee brought a … Continue reading

BUS9770 Guest Speaker: Ibrahim Abdul-Matin

Baruch Alum and Sustainability Analyst and Advocate in the Mayor’s Office — Ibrahim Abdul-Matin by Helen Serebin, MBA candidate 2013 We all know about PlaNYC 2030, right? (For those of us who don’t, here’s the link to familiarize yourself. Ibrahim lives, breathes and eats the plan.  He also schlepps them.  He brought each of us … Continue reading