Dean Elliott to the Ambassadors for Zicklin

by Dean Elliott

As the semester begins, I am struck by several things.  First we are together engaged in an important transformation.  You as students are investing in your human capital and spending major resources: time, money and forgone opportunities with family and friends.  As Dean, I can assure you that my colleagues and I, both faculty and staff, respect your commitment and promise our whole-hearted efforts to help you attain your goals.

Second, we are a week into the semester and already three days behind schedule, thanks to Irene.  But we will carry on and catch up, and accomplish our goals.

Third, I am anxious to have the opportunity to share with you the ways in which the funding from the Academic Excellence Fees will be used.  I am waiting for final budget authority and to learn if there are any limitations on our ability to allocate the funds.  There are various rules regarding the use of New York State funds for PS or OTPS or other purposes.  Excuse the acronyms, they underscore the point.  The question is what constraints do we face?   Hopefully these issues will all be resolved shortly and I have asked Frank Fletcher to schedule a number of opportunities for me to talk to interested groups of students and to the GSA.

I am very glad to have you as ambassadors for the Zicklin School and I look forward to celebrating your successes in semesters to come.  These successes will be measured by the things you learn, by the skills you acquire, and ultimately by graduation, professional success and new job opportunities.  Best of luck as you move through these stages.


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