G Day -11

This week marks graduation minus 11 weeks to go. And what a week it has been.  For anyone hiding under a rock here are the biggies for the week: Dean Elliott announced his departure, Greg Smith quit Goldman with a thunderbolt, and TEDxGramercy held their event at BPAC. . . . and your correspondent jumped … Continue reading

Russell Banks Lecture Series: Richard Grasso

November 17, 2011 Newman Library Dean Elliot welcomed the audience to the 10th-annual Russel Banks lecture series.  It started in ’97 with Richard Grasso as the inaugural guest. Introductory remarks by distinguished Baruch Alumnus, Marty Kaplan of KR Capital Elliot: In your view, what the role of education in leadership? Grasso: Hired lots of people … Continue reading

Open Forum With Dean Elliott

by  Lemuel Morrison, MBA 2012 with Emily McMillen, MBA, Accounting 2012 This evening Dean Elliott met with graduate students to talk about the Academic Excellence Fee (AEF) and to answer questions.  He spoke about the background of the plan and why the AEF evolved as it did. It has been in the works for 5 … Continue reading

Dean Elliott to the Ambassadors for Zicklin

Baruch College Zicklin School of Business

by Dean Elliott As the semester begins, I am struck by several things.  First we are together engaged in an important transformation.  You as students are investing in your human capital and spending major resources: time, money and forgone opportunities with family and friends.  As Dean, I can assure you that my colleagues and I, both … Continue reading

GSA Newsletter Aug 31st

Your weekly GSA newsletter. Dean Elliot Speaks About the Academic Excellence Fee Header image courtesy of Leon Fischman News . . . The conversation with Dean Elliot about the Academic Excellence Fee is now on the Graduate Baruchian. Watch the video, form your own opinion and take action.  Silence is acquiescence.  Make comments and let … Continue reading

A Conversation With Dean Elliott About the Academic Excellence Fee

More Info Condensed Takeaway Need Financial Help Make Comments on GSA FB Page Perspective Post NYS Compact f/HigherEd by Lemuel Morrison, MBA 2012 Dean Elliott met with me on August 22nd to discuss the recently announced Academic Excellence Fee (AEF).    The issue is very contentious and caught graduate students uninformed and ill-prepared for the fall … Continue reading

The Takeaway from NVC 13-268

by Lemuel Morrison, MBA 2012 Public Information ZSB minutes of Faculty Meeting May 19th, 2011 where the AEF was introduced. CUNY Board of Trustees Minutes June 27th, 2011 where the Baruch AEF was approved On the evening of Monday, August 22nd Dean Elliot offered an open-ended and free-wheeling interview regarding the Academic Excellence Fee (AEF).  … Continue reading

GSA Newsletter Aug 22nd

      Your weekly GSA newsletter. Classes Start! News . . . Academic Excellence Fee remains in the news. Lemuel Morrison, MBA 2012, met with Dean Elliot to discuss the fee and to get some facts.  The Baruch technical center videotaped the session.  You will be able find the edited version through the Graduate … Continue reading

Baruch Academic Excellence Fee — Some Perspective

This graduate student greeted the announcement of the new academic excellence fee with little welcome.  No one likes to learn that they will have to pay more for the same thing.  Moreover, the timing, just weeks before the Bursar’s deadline, was a slap.  However, with a little distance,  let’s look calmly at the issue. First … Continue reading