Is Jeremy Lin the Messiah the Knicks have been waiting for?

Unless you have been living under a rock or your name is Kobe Bryant, you should have heard the name Jeremy Lin. In the span of a week the young point guard has managed to excite Knicks fans and lead the team to their longest winning streak of the season. And ladies and gentlemen he did it without Carmelo Anthony and Amar’e Stoudemire, the Knicks tops scorers.  After 5 straight wins and an epic win against the Lakers at the Garden, is Lin the answer to the Knicks’ prayers?

The answer is yes, the Knicks have been lacking in the department for quite some time. They tried with to fill that role Chauncey Billups, Mike Bibby, and Baron Davis, all great point guards in my opinion (once upon a time). Now in Lin, the team has a young man who has something to prove and who knows what is at stake. Unlike many of the stars in the NBA, he came into the league through the back door. His journey is what makes this Knicks story so amazing after the years of disappointment of the post Ewing Era.

On the court he plays with intelligence and strength. He is confident, not afraid take the tough shots; he is unselfish, sacrificing himself for the benefit of the team and passing the ball effectively to his teammates. His actions on the basketball court, in weeks time, have put New York basketball back on the map, excite the fans, and motivate the rest of the team. Some might suggest that I’m linsane (see what I did there) but I believe Lin to be the missing piece of the Knicks team. The team is finally a competitive, and with a little luck it might win a title.


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