What is your status this Feb 14?

By Nisha Shrestha, MS Quantitative Methods & Modeling

Valentine’s Day is finally here. There is no way you missed its pompous arrival. Bright red hearts and fat, cute cupid seem omnipresent. And you definitely got that mail with a “great” valentine deal. To me it was most evident by the big bold sign at the local deli which proudly displayed the sky-rocketed price of roses. Almost a dare! Do you love your partner enough to buy these highly overpriced “red roses”?

Love is in the air. But wait… it seems like tension is high too! No matter what your relationship status is, we all have a deep love-hate relationship with this day! How about exploring how people from each relationship status approach this day.

Relationship is a complex area. But the four main types of relationship are single, in a relationship, married, it’s complicated.

It is fun being single….. except on a valentine’s day. The “day of love” has somehow been restricted to “couple love,” and the people in this category feel left out. Although a girl’s night or a boy’s night out would otherwise be a great antidote, I have experienced it firsthand that it doesn’t quite work like that in this day. I found a great video on youtube for all the singles out there- “today’s just a day, there is always next year.”

In a relationship. This day is tailor-made for people in a relationship. You get the opportunity to show how much you mean to each other. The only key is not to over-expect and also to realize that love is not proportional to the money spent on gifts. Sometimes thoughtful gestures which mean a lot to both of you is a more romantic way to spend the evening than going to a crowded restaurant where you are squeezed between other two couples. Have fun. Be creative

Married. Granted that you see the other person everyday. And a cheesy day out might not be something in your list. But that might exactly be what you need. The excitement of wearing your best dress, putting up the best act, and a quite romantic time for just the two of you can do wonders. This day comes as a reminder to make sure that your partner knows how special they are to you.

It’s complicated. Now this is a tricky scenario. Are you really going on a formal date? Will you be buying gifts? Maybe for a day, both can admit that you mean a lot to each other and enjoy the v-day. But if you find yourself being disappointed, perhaps it signals that this is not working out? Or what the heck….love is always complicated!

At the end of the day, it doesn’t have to be Feb 14 to celebrate love. And conversely, this is also just another day of the day. No matter what your relationship status, enjoy the madness. Happy valentine’s day!!!


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