Study Buddy…with Benefits

Hello friends. After the article Graduate Insanity by Emily McMillen, I figured I would hash out a topic that is very near and dear to my “heart”. As we approach this time that most people refer to as “spring fever” and midterms,  I figure it is as good a time as any. So, what is the value … Continue reading

Behold! We Have Lift Off

Amid visions of value propositions, threats of entrants and forward integration, I emerged from Bus 9200 Wednesday to find my own value chain right before eyes — a working one no less. Confused? So was I. I couldn’t believe my eyes . . .  working escalators. You read that correctly.  Escalators that actually move people.  … Continue reading

The Bucket List – Attend Baruch Graduate Social

by Victoria Danilevskaia  Dual MBA, Accounting and Taxation, 2014 Lately our society seems obsessed with bucket lists.  It has become very common to refer to one’s list in daily conversation to justify an outrageous activity that one may want to do.   Although I have not made one of my own, partially because school and work … Continue reading

What is your status this Feb 14?

By Nisha Shrestha, MS Quantitative Methods & Modeling Valentine’s Day is finally here. There is no way you missed its pompous arrival. Bright red hearts and fat, cute cupid seem omnipresent. And you definitely got that mail with a “great” valentine deal. To me it was most evident by the big bold sign at the … Continue reading

Is Jeremy Lin the Messiah the Knicks have been waiting for?

Unless you have been living under a rock or your name is Kobe Bryant, you should have heard the name Jeremy Lin. In the span of a week the young point guard has managed to excite Knicks fans and lead the team to their longest winning streak of the season. And ladies and gentlemen he … Continue reading

Follow Up – Escalator Etiquette: A Rant

Spotted: 53rd and Lexington station coming up from the E/M platform….FAIL Tick tock, people. Time to get to work. Original Post:

Escalator Etiquette: A Rant

Throughout history society has dictated a number of social norms: don’t chew with your mouth open, cover your mouth before you sneeze, wash your hands before leaving the lavatory. Then there are rules that are learned such as the rules of the road. Even if in a certain country people drive on the other side … Continue reading

One Day My Tv is Going to Lose the War

I don’t usually spend too much time watching TV unless House, Archer, or SVU is on. Ok, I also settle for Royal Pains and White Collar occasionally. But other than that I like to catch a few shows while I’m having my 9pm dinner after class during the week. I think I get more stressed … Continue reading

Attention, Attention!! Stupidity Tax in the Baruch Cafeteria!

What is wrong with this picture? Yes my friends, you are right, the math doesn’t make sense. In fact, the combination of Milk & Cereal is more expensive than purchasing them individually. I am surprised that a school which is known for Accounting could allow such an error in its own cafeteria. I am hoping … Continue reading

What Will Your Valentine’s Gift Do For You?

Ahhh, Amor! That day of the year is approaching where girls hope and pray that their significant (or not so significant) other remembers to sweep them off their feet. It is also the day that guys either 1. forget or 2. stress over figuring out the perfect date and gift…but mostly they just forget and … Continue reading