The Bucket List – Attend Baruch Graduate Social


by Victoria Danilevskaia  Dual MBA, Accounting and Taxation, 2014

Lately our society seems obsessed with bucket lists.  It has become very common to refer to one’s list in daily conversation to justify an outrageous activity that one may want to do.   Although I have not made one of my own, partially because school and work have completely engulfed my existence, I am a big proponent of bucket lists.  As we struggle to complete our degrees while juggling numerous responsibilities, why not add a school related item to that list.  I am referring to attending Baruch Graduate Socials.

The socials are hosted by an unofficial Baruch organization, which is currently run by myself, and three other of your fellow students, one of whom, Marina Koletis is a contributor to Graduate Baruchian as well.  We organize 4 to 5 gatherings a semester at various bars close to the school.


The events are conveniently hosted after class hours and always have drink specials.  Water is always option too.  We are not exclusive to a specific major or study path, and encourage all students, including alumni and friends to join us. The idea is to mingle with your fellow Baruchians in a casual setting outside of class. You do not need to confirm attendance, just show up and stay as long as you like.

If the idea of coming to an event where you do not know anyone intimidates you, that is more of a reason to do it!  After all, life is full of intimidating moments and why not conquer your fears.  Besides, Baruch students are surprisingly friendly and the organizers are always more then happy to incorporate you into the mix.   The next event March 8 at Canz Bar 9-12pm.  Look for me or Alyssa and introduce yourself. We will introduce you to fellow Baruchians.

Like Baruch Graduate Social 2010 Facebook page for event updates or email to be added to our distribution.


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