The Weekly Carl Aylman!

You get it in your inbox, here it is reprinted for you on the web: Baruch College Student Life Weekly Email—Oct. 14, 2010 In this issue. . . .    Academic Calendar Reminders. Celebrate Latino History Month at Baruch. LGBT Awareness Day—10/21. Election Day is Tues. Nov. 2.  Local elections for NYS positions are very … Continue reading

ZGMC — Digital Marketing Panel

This Wednesday brought 5 practitioners to the 14th floor of the NVC along with Baruch’s own accomplished and engaging Amy Auerbach. Ben Cathers of Lightspeed, Heather Jackson of Conductor, Macy Tanking of Microsoft, Jon Tesser of New York Magazine and Matt Woosley of Hemispheric offered their opinions and anecdotes on the applications of social and … Continue reading