Graduate Insanity: Work/School/Life Balance

Originally posted on February 16th, 2011 by Emily McMillen, MBA Accounting 2012 Graduate school is a very stressful experience. Be it going for your MD, JD, or MBA there is a fine line between sanity and insanity. The balance between work, school, and a social life is a hard one to find. The majority of … Continue reading

Ten Years On

by Lemuel Morrison, MBA 2012 The Spiegelman-Mouly black- on-black ghost cover still sits on my bookshelf.  It still sums up how I feel this time of year and especially this go around. My recollections of the day are pedestrian and luckily I had no meetings in Tower 1 that day. Mercifully, all of the colleagues … Continue reading

A Conversation With Dean Elliott About the Academic Excellence Fee

More Info Condensed Takeaway Need Financial Help Make Comments on GSA FB Page Perspective Post NYS Compact f/HigherEd by Lemuel Morrison, MBA 2012 Dean Elliott met with me on August 22nd to discuss the recently announced Academic Excellence Fee (AEF).    The issue is very contentious and caught graduate students uninformed and ill-prepared for the fall … Continue reading

Baruch Gems — MGT9870

by Séverine PERRIN — MBA HR Management – Baruch College/IAE Lyon In a recent discussion, Sev said that her current class MGT9870 was one of her favorite courses here at Baruch. The content was useful and the professor impressed her. In a new effort to share what makes Baruch great, she has graciously offered to … Continue reading

Welcome Back. Now Do Something

I imagine that the Pesach\Easter\Spring break was as welcome for you as it was for this beleaguered correspondent.  With sleep quotients back to some level of normalcy, students are ready to hammer out the last of the semester.  Just a few weeks folks to do all those things you keep meaning to do. Which brings … Continue reading

Graduate Arts Association

It is a privilege and an honor to announce the creation of  a new organization on campus called the Graduate Arts Association (GAA).  It is a venue for all graduate students and staff sponsors interested in using the arts as a vehicle for expression, promotion, and advocacy to contact us immediately.  The GAA welcomes graduate … Continue reading

Cheese, Crackers…Social Activism, Anyone?

I’d never been much for political or religious debates.  Growing up in the South, I found it almost impossible to express my burgeoning views about delicate subjects without backlash or biblical proverbs slapped across my forehead.  The comments I grew accustomed to hearing were usually followed by riotous laughter, a wide grin of missing teeth, and a … Continue reading

Who is Mr. Brainwash?

“Exit through the Gift Shop”—an incredible feast for your eyes, made for your viewing pleasure that will leave you hungry for more from these street artists. Some people call it graffiti, but it’s beyond a can of spray paint and just any building wall. Carmen Gray from said this documentary is “as diverting as … Continue reading

Of string, sealing wax, and other (not so) fancy stuff

By Helen Serebin Sam Alfano, a WWII vet,  saved everything. He died on Tuesday, just shy of 92.  Packing up his apartment, below is a sample of the items we found, all meticulously stored and organized. Old stove burner grates and handles Floor waxer brushes and spare parts (no floor waxer though) Small plastic bags … Continue reading

An Air of Professionalism in Your Profession

by Daniel A. Seda MPA ‘2012 Individuals who choose to work in a professional capacity have the obligation to provide an air of professionalism that would likely foster a quality relationship with their customers and the hope of repeat business.  However, it has become increasingly acceptable in this big, bad city to consider a job … Continue reading