Going Global

By Danielle V Hemsley MS Statistics Candidate

Geoffrey Milton Sharing Exciting Stories of his Expierence around the Globe

Geoffrey Milton Sharing Exciting Stories of his Expierence around the Globe

Geoffrey Milton, Partner at C.I.S. (Capital Investment Solutions) LLC, enlightened students with stories of his decades of global experience in international banking at the last Executives on Campus (EOC) Job$mart event.  Milton shared his knowledge and expertise on emerging markets as he spoke on the topic of Global Opportunities on March 13th to a room packed full of students.

Milton has lived and worked all over the world in places such as Egypt, Singapore, Bahrain, London, Saudi Arabia, and New York.  He has experience on 5 continents.  His career began with Bank of America in 1969.  When considering working abroad, Milton told students that it is very important to look at the political structure and climate of a country before you decide to move to work there.  He emphasized the importance of wanting to be in a country.  Once you are in a county, he told students to go to the streets and immerse yourself in the culture of the local people.  If going to China he suggests a stroll in Tiananmen Square, the Forbidden City, and surrounding streets of Beijing, and seeing a Chinese Opera.  If you find yourself in Cairo, take in the largest souk (bazaar) in the Middle East, Khan El Khalili.

Milton repeatedly emphasized the following two key suggestions:

Full House for Job$mart

Full House for Job$mart

  1. Become Business Fluent in another Language
  2. Join the Foreign Policy Association at fpa.org

Milton also shared about the process of moving your family to another country.  He said it is important that the whole family is on board with the decision to move.  According to Milton, a country’s security systems, health care system, and your family’s ability to be happy, are the three most important criteria to consider when moving your family to another country.  He identified Brazil and China as two of the best places to be right now for international banking.

After entertaining and educating students with his stories, Milton answered questions from students.

Students line up to Network with Geoffrey after the workshop

Students line up to Network with Geoffrey after the workshop

A 1st semester MBA Candidate asked “What is a mature time to move forward to another country?” Milton responded that it is best to join an International Bank in another country and then come to New York as oppose to starting your career in New York.

Graduating MBA Candidate, Nevzat Ayer asked “Would you suggest learning Portuguese or a Chinese language?” in which Milton responded to learn Mandarin.

Job$mart Career Hour is a series of discussions led by successful executives.  The program is organized by Jacqueline McLoughlin, dedicated Director of the Executives on Campus program.  The Global Opportunities discussion was co-sponsored by Baruch College Accounting Society, Beta Alpha Psi, Finance & Economics Society, and Global Networking Society.


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