After Hours at Zicklin — Session VI

What’s Your Brand

The upcoming AHZ VI will start with a recurring theme — developing your brand.  How do others see you?  On what specific characteristics do you want others to see in you?  Just as a company or a high-profile figure will manage their image, so will a successful manager.  How will you add value to a team?  Where do you need to improve?  These and many other questions form the foundation of developing your image.

Follow this link from PWC that they put out during brand week.  You will find a lot of  material.  Some may seem obvious, but overall it’s a good guide to help you hone how you want others to see you.  Check it out and join us at the next AHZ session this Thursday, November 4th.  Share your opinions and your own approach to getting the word out about yourself.   Reserve your spot at eventbrite.


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