Zodiac Explained: Astrological Faux Pas Or Ultimate Identity Crisis?

After a short hiatus for the Baruchian over winter break, I would like to take this opportunity to touch upon the more important issues that arose this past January. Since we departed the halls of Baruch, the world has been in an uproar. From Fox news to the New York Times there has been one … Continue reading

Daycare Center on the 3rd Floor

Daycare Center on the 3rd Floor   Finals week is coming up soon and we’re all about to spend most of our waking moments at the library when we’re not at work. Of course the library has rules, but who’s to say that we all follow them? I’m sure we can all say we’ve occasionally … Continue reading

Introducing Tante Clare Boothe

Baby, it’s cold outside.  Are your thoughts turning inward for warmth and meaning?  Are you confused by the modern dating scene?  Is your complicated grad-school life a mess? Help is here. In response to requests, The Graduate Baruchian invited the inimitable Ms. Clare Boothe and her coterie of friends to help graduate students optimize their … Continue reading

Attention Grad Students: GROW UP!

You know who you are.  If I have to listen to one more whiny, “do we have to know this for the exam?,” I am going to throw something.  If you aren’t intellectually curious and here for a genuine education, why are you in class?  There are lots of on-line exam-only programs that will take … Continue reading

Baruch’s Five Minutes of Fame

Baruch transformed to All  Saints Hospital recently.  Did you notice that you went to the emergency room of the NVC on Thursday?  Or maybe bumped into Edie while running late to a class?  Look up from your cell phone and turn off the ipod for change.  Bernard Baruch Way (aka 25th Street) was the setting … Continue reading