Eyes Don’t Matter

By Varatha Vengadesan, MBA 2012 – Finance & Intl Business It was lunchtime and I was looking for a pizzeria. I found one and entered in. When I reached the counter I had to wait for the shopkeeper, who was busy in a conversation with his previous customer, a blind man. The customer wanted broccoli … Continue reading

Escalator Etiquette: A Rant

Throughout history society has dictated a number of social norms: don’t chew with your mouth open, cover your mouth before you sneeze, wash your hands before leaving the lavatory. Then there are rules that are learned such as the rules of the road. Even if in a certain country people drive on the other side … Continue reading

Can Business Schools Really Teach Ethics?

Photo via cc by Flick user malec slomas I can’t remember which class I was in (I think it may have been finance or maybe microeconomics) when our professor finished going over the exact lapses in moral judgments on the part of many fine, intelligent, successful business people (most of whom have MBA degrees) that largely contributed … Continue reading

GSA Social: A Cold Front Blows In

by Lemuel Morrison, MBA 2012 Yesterday mother nature brought Autumn to New York. Graduate students at Baruch got more than cool weather.  Picture the scene of an event last night: Sweeping views of Manhattan; Vintage wine, import beer, hand-crafted sandwiches and classic nosh; Smart, polite, and professional men and women queued up to get into … Continue reading

Teaching Job Creation at Baruch

I spent time with my family over the long weekend, and was surprised to hear them talk about their frustrations with the current leadership in the American government. I am so tired of hearing people complain, but not be part of the solution. So, what can we as graduate students at Baruch do to be … Continue reading

The Takeaway from NVC 13-268

by Lemuel Morrison, MBA 2012 Public Information ZSB minutes of Faculty Meeting May 19th, 2011 where the AEF was introduced. CUNY Board of Trustees Minutes June 27th, 2011 where the Baruch AEF was approved On the evening of Monday, August 22nd Dean Elliot offered an open-ended and free-wheeling interview regarding the Academic Excellence Fee (AEF).  … Continue reading

Baruch Academic Excellence Fee — Some Perspective

This graduate student greeted the announcement of the new academic excellence fee with little welcome.  No one likes to learn that they will have to pay more for the same thing.  Moreover, the timing, just weeks before the Bursar’s deadline, was a slap.  However, with a little distance,  let’s look calmly at the issue. First … Continue reading

Get a (graduate) Life

by Daniel Battista Just a few short months ago, I enrolled here at Baruch as a graduate student after a number of years living and working in New York.  If you are like me, you saw the opportunity and potential in Baruch and couldn’t resist.  And right about now, you are probably doing the balancing … Continue reading

Klout 73: Charlie Sheen 93

 Do you have a twitter account? Do you have a facebook account? Chances are, you’ve probably answered yes to both. But the real question is, do you know your klout score?   Klout is the standard for influence which uses your facebook and twitter accounts to measure the influence you have in the realm of social media, … Continue reading


B.A.R.U.C.H. Beyond Any Repair, Uncommunicative and Considerably Hindering Yes, we all know it, we’ve all dealt with it—the horrific, absolutely atrocious administrative services available at yours truly, Baruch College. Baruch, you and I need to have a little chat. It’s time you step up your game.   Financial Aid & Bursar’s— D+                 Completely unwillingly, … Continue reading