How Did We Come to This?

This morning brought news reports that the NYPD infiltrated Muslim student groups at many area colleges.  Baruch was one of them.  Naturally, President Wallerstein and others have condemned this activity, rightfully so, in the strongest terms.  There is no reason to doubt the administration.


And that’ s a big but, how did the NYPD get into the campus of Baruch (and others in  CUNY)?  Surely New York’s finest did not infiltrate the groups in dress blue.  They must have been plain clothed (i.e. undercover).  And if so, how did they get in to campus? Everyone must swipe their ID card.  If they entered as guests, someone approved them and there is a log.

There seem to be two scenarios. First, (and very unlikely) is that the administration or CUNY Safety quietly, but officially, aided and abetted the NYPD to infiltrate and monitor Muslim students. Is this a Claude Rains (i.e. Captain Renault) moment?

The alternate is that CUNY does not have its house in order.  Plain-clothed undercover officers got into our Colleges somehow — perhaps with the aide of a sympathetic gate keeper.

The revelations of police infiltration are of the darkest side of our society. We,  undergrad, grad, faculty, administrators, immigrant, native, should not stand for this.  If a college campus isn’t safe to freely be and express ourselves, where is?  There need to be answers not only from the NYPD, but also from the CUNY administration.

How did this happen?

Are there measures that groups and students should take if CUNY (and other universities) can not provide a safe and free environment?

As a side note, our Business Policy (BUS9200) just got our ethics assignment.  One can’t help but shake your head at the irony.

2 Responses to “How Did We Come to This?”
  1. Emily Rotella says:

    As someone already prone to legitimately considering conspiracy theories, all I’ll say is that I tried to bring my mama in the building to show her around and no matter how I tried to outsmart the guards, they would not let her through. There is certainly a little song I know about the police that is coming to mind after reading about this…

    • That’s my point. Undercover NYPD are allowed in somehow.
      Some have commented that perhaps some of the 30,000+ NYs finest are also enrolled at Baruch. Most certainly some of the active cops are enrolled bettering their lives. What gives me chills is the boundary between NYPD officer to student. Can it just shift from day to day?

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