Dresszing for Success

by Danielle V Hemsley, MS Statistics Candidate At the most interactive EOC Job$mart Career Hour I have been to, Susan Sommers founder of Dresszing presented on Presence, Protocol, and Presentation, where she shared her suggestions on how to dress for success.  The workshop was held on April 17, 2012.  Susan began the workshop by rhythmically … Continue reading

International Women’s Day 2012

By Maria Shpokayte Last week on Thursday, March 8th, 2012, graduate student club Zicklin Women in Business (ZWIB) hosted their 3rd annual International Women’s Day event at Baruch College. For the third time in the past three years, a panel of distinguished guests and a large group of graduate students gathered at Baruch College’s Newman … Continue reading

Tried and True Career Success

By Danielle V Hemsley MS Statistics Candidate “We are different students.  We are practical.” Director of Infrastructure at BHR Capital LLC & Baruch MBA Alumni, Jacqueline Gleason said when referring to how Baruch students stand out from private school MBAs.  Gleason followed up with an example of Baruch students winning a competition, full of competitors … Continue reading

When I’m 64: A Business Version of Tuesdays with Morrie

When I’m 64:  A Business Version of Tuesdays with Morrie By Danielle V Hemsley, MS Statistics Candidate Mavin Tolkin’s book, When I’m 64 Planning for the Best of Your Life is an easy read full of Tolkin’s real life stories. Marvin owned the Women’s Lingerie company, Jennifer Dale which was sold at major retailers such … Continue reading

Mea Culpa and Risktakes

Originally published on Dec 6th, 2010 My head has always been in the clouds.  “Lots of intelligence, ” comforted my avuncular figures.  “Dufus, ” quipped my classmates.    Either way this trait has a some big problems in day-to-day life.  In my first job in New York City, I awoke at 4:30 am to catch the … Continue reading

A Class to Learn How to Maximize Outcomes of Daily Professional Interactions: Negotiation MGMT 9660

Written By: Danielle V Hemsley MS Statistics Candidate Do you want your next business meeting to be more successful?  Looking for a better deal on a used car purchase? Wondering how to deal with that obnoxious co-worker? Still looking for a business elective to take next semester? Lucky for you, the Negotiation, MGMT 9660 class … Continue reading

Job Search 2011: What Do You Do When OCR Is A Bust?

by Emily McMillen, MBA Accounting 2012 Recruitment season is drawing to a close. For the lucky few, internships and full-time offers at public accounting firms have been obtained and futures are looking bright. However, for the majority out there, you got zip. The big 4 didn’t want you and because you blew off the interview with … Continue reading

Graduate Insanity: Work/School/Life Balance

Originally posted on February 16th, 2011 by Emily McMillen, MBA Accounting 2012 Graduate school is a very stressful experience. Be it going for your MD, JD, or MBA there is a fine line between sanity and insanity. The balance between work, school, and a social life is a hard one to find. The majority of … Continue reading

“Getting a Job: What HR Wants from You”

On Tuesday afternoon, eager undergraduate and graduate students gathered to get some very valuable information and insights from two experienced professionals in the field on how to nail those job interviews. The event was sponsored by Executives on Campus, Job$mart, and provided for some very practical and invaluable information that will not be found in … Continue reading

EOC: Brand Yourself

Diane Baranello, from Coaching for Distinction, graciously spoke to Zicklin students on a April 5th.  The Executives on Campus (EOC) program hosted the event for grads and undergrads. Ms. Baranello started with a simple question: Who has a brand? . . .  It’s a trick question.   Every single one of us has a brand, and … Continue reading